Ace Trucks 00 Classic - Polished

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NOTE: Sold only as a set of two (2) trucks.

Ace 00 our Classic 2.125" (52mm) tall truck. These "Double-Aught" rippers are super fun to ride, turn on a dime? Naw, more like turn on the head of a pin! Barely enough room to scrape the hanger especially of you have flat-back or centre-set bearing wheels but we doubt you'll even notice because you're having so much fun. This is the size our ancestors began to define gnar on, wheelers over grinders, accidental aerial kickturns, micro edgers, Ace double-zero will take you there and get you back in control.

Machine polished to a low lustre. Our polished finish trucks are the go-to choice when performance at no sacrifice is your goal.


      • Axle width: 6.5"
      • Hanger width: 3.87"
      • Truck height: 2.125" (52mm) Classic
      • Fits boards: 6.5"- under
      • Colour: Polished
      • Constructed from pure 7071 series aluminium
      • Heat-treated 3056 series steel axles